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Sports Fans

Prior to 2012 the primary ways you were able to make money from sports legally was either becoming a professional athlete, work with athletes or write or talk about athletes in newspapers and websites.

However, in 2012 everything changed with the launch of Daily Fantasy Sports where for the first time, sports fans could build fantasy teams and compete for cash prizes. All from the comfort of your cell phone.

5 Ways To Profit From Sports

Today there are numerous ways that you can profit from sports. In this challenge we are going to cover 5 ways.  

1 - Daily Fantasy Sports
2 - Sports Betting
3 - Sports Trading Cards
4 - Sports NFTs (NBA Top Shot)
5 - Building Your Own Sports Brand

By The End Of This Challenge You Will Learn:

Step One

Learn about 5 ways that sports fans are currently monetizing their passion for sports right now in 2021. Receive an overview of each strategy, how it works, how to monetize it and how to get started.

Step Two

There are numerous resources that are available to help you. Many of these resources are completely free to use. Some are available at a nominal cost. Each day resources will be revealed!

Step Three

You can learn all of the ways to monetize your sports passion. However, there is a very key skill that needs to be mastered to put it all together. Day 4 of this challenge will reveal what this skill is and how you can develop it!

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Your Host

Hello! My Name Is Roosevelt Cooper

I am one of the moderators of DFS Masters, a community of almost 10,000 of the dopest, passionate sports fans on the internet! I also run the World Daily Fantasy Sports League as well as the Fantasy Sports Battle Royal contests, which you can compete in for free when you buy one of my training programs. In addition, I have 1st place tournament wins in NBA, MLB, MMA & EL as well as numerous top 10 finishes in a variety of different sports.

See What Others Are Saying About Roosevelt

"I sent him a message thanking him (Roosevelt) and gave him the option of a $25 freeroll to the group or PayPal him $25. He said group freeroll!!"

"Third time ever playing baseball! Thank you to Roosevelt Cooper for the notes!"

"He contributes, runs the WDFSL (several leagues) does a almost daily nba picks thread and he’s always positive."

"There are so many things that this man does behind the scenes not only for this group, but for his family and community as well. 
Thank you for being everything to so many people."

"Thank you Roosevelt for the euro league basketball threw a lineup together for fun and cashed it kinda wish I would have played it bigger"

"My most profitable night in my brief daily fantasy career!"

Dear Sports Fan,

I remember it like it was yesterday,

It was late at night and my uncle was in his room watching baseball on his small black and white television set.

I must have been 4 or 5 years old at the time.

I asked him if I can watch it with him and he said yes.

So I came into his room and watched a baseball game.

I was hooked!

From that day forward I've been a sports fan ever since.

First it was baseball. Then sports entertainment wrestling. Then basketball. Then football. Then boxing. Later on mixed martial arts thanks to the UFC.

I wanted to be a professional athlete. However, realistically I wasn't good enough to play sports professionally. Nor did I have the genetics.

So I looked into the next best thing.

Sports Journalism.

In high school, I became the sports editor for my high school's newspaper. I covered our varsity basketball team and traveled with them for home and away games.

I even met Rob Parker, sports journalist who currently works for Fox Sports. He encouraged me and told me I was a better sports writer at my age than he was when he was my age. I also got the opportunity to meet famed play-by-play broadcaster Marv Albert as well.

However, instead of following up on a career in sports, I decided to go into Information Technology instead.

Seduced by the dot com phase at that time, I was convinced that I was going to be able to join a technology start up and get rich.

I did get a job in a technology startup. Earned a good living, but I definitely did NOT get rich.

When the dot com crashed and then the attack on the World Trade Center (my job was 4 blocks away), the company relocated and I was out of a job.

I joined another technology startup and the same thing happened. They relocated and I was out of a job again.

I always wondered how different my life would have been had I followed up on my sports passion and went into sports journalism instead of information technology.

Who knows, maybe many of you would be agreeing or disagreeing with my "takes" on one of the big sports broadcasting networks.

For over a decade, I continued watching sports with my only opportunity to make money from sports being season long fantasy sports leagues where if my team would finish high, I could win a couple of hundred dollars.

Then in 2014 everything changed.

I've been seeing ads for these new websites promoting the concept of "one day fantasy sports leagues" where you could win cash prizes based on the performance of your fantasy sports teams.

However, instead of having to wait a full season to see if you would win, your score was based on their performance that very night.

It took me a while to try it out because it sounded too good to be true to me.

Eventually, I did.

Now, for the first time ever, I had the opportunity to profit from my sports knowledge by entering these one day fantasy sports contests.

It took a while for me to get the hang of it.

However, in 2015 something incredible happened.

I was going through a really difficult time financially and was really discouraged that year because no matter what I did I simply couldn't make any progress.

However, I finally secured a full time position.

It was my first week on the job and I was in training. 

During my break, I entered a NBA lineup and saw that Alex Len was going to be starting that night and he was at minimum salary. So I entered him in my lineup.

I had 4 players in one game and that game went into overtime.

As a result, I placed 1st in a $1 contest and 3rd in a 25 cent contests. 

As a result I won $1700!

I was so excited and so happy! 

From there, I would eventually discover the DFS Masters Facebook group where I became a member and eventually a moderator for the group.

We've helped thousands of players to be able to win money in these fantasy sports contests. Our players have won as little as 10 cents to as much as a million dollars. To my knowledge we have had 2 players so far to take down a million dollar prize. Could be more, those are just the two I know about.

Now it's 2021 and this is one of the most exciting times in our industry for many reasons.

For starters, there are more daily fantasy sports contest types and sports than ever before.

Sports betting is becoming legal in many states in the United States and online sports betting is becoming legal as well.

Collecting sports cards becomes more and more popular as those of us who collected when we were kids are getting back into the hobby.

Thanks to the development of blockchain technology, there is a new type of collectable that is rapidly growing in popularity and that is sports NFTs. The most popular one right now is NBA Top Shot, which is reportedly seeing millions of dollars a day in transactions taking place.

Also, if you are an expert, you can learn how to take your knowledge and expertise and turn it into your very own brand.

Even if you're not one of the "sharks" who are building content sites right now.

Finally, for the first time ever, I'm going to reveal a framework that I personally use that will help you to be able to put everything together. 

This framework has been used for years by successful corporate executives and high powered entrepreneurs to run their enterprises.
For the first time ever, on day 4 of this challenge I'm going to reveal this framework to you for free in this challenge!

I'm going to show you how to apply this framework to these five ways to profit from sports.

However, more importantly, this framework doesn't just help you pick the right lineups, make the right bets and pick the right cards/virtual moments.

This framework can actually be applied to help you have success in all areas of your life!

I've recently used it to lose 11 pounds of "pandemic" weight.

I've used it to go from broke to a six figure income.

I've even used this framework to find my dream wife and love of my life!

There is no better time than now to learn how to take your passion for sports and turn it into a stream of income that you can use to create more options for yourself and your family.

See you in the challenge on July 26th.

Roosevelt Cooper

Copyright Sports4Profit & Roosevelt Cooper - All Rights Reserved
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