Tuesday, October 3, 2017

MLB Postseason Bracket Playoff Predictions 2017

Will the Chicago Cubs Repeat As World Champions?

It's October! One of my favorite times of the year! For October means postseason baseball!

Here are the teams that made it to the MLB Postseason this year:

American League Postseason

Division Winners
  • Boston Red Sox
  • Cleveland Indians
  • Houston Astros
Wildcard Qualifiers
  • New York Yankees
  • Minnesota Twins
National League Postseason

Division Winners
  • Washington Nationals
  • Chicago Cubs
  • Los Angeles Dodgers
Wildcard Qualifers
  • Colorado Rockies
  • Arizona Diamondbacks
In my MLB Predictions 2017 article I was able to successfully predict ALL 3 of the American League Division winners at the beginning of the season. However, I got both wildcard teams wrong, predicting the Mariners and the Blue Jays. I was also able to successfully predict 2 out of the 3 National League Division winners, picking the Cubs and the Dodgers. However, I had the Nationals winning the wild card and thought that the Mets <cough cough> would actually win the division. I also had the Giants winning the wild card.

Last year, I successfully predicted that the Chicago Cubs would beat the Cleveland Indians in the World Series at the beginning of the playoffs as you can see below.

So on that note, let's see who I am predicting will win this year:

American League Wildcard

On the American League side, I have the New York Yankees defeating the Minnesota Twins in the American League wildcard game. The Yankees just match up better than the Twins at every area. I would be shocked to see the Yankees lose that game.

National League Wildcard

On the National League side, I like the Arizona Diamondbacks over the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies are a different team hitting away from Colorado than they are at home and they will be in Arizona for this one. 

American League Division Series

For the American League Division Series, I originally had the Boston Red Sox going to the World Series this year. However, the Astros have beaten the Red Sox 4 games to 3 this year. I don't see the Red Sox getting by the Astros, so I'm picking the Astros to win.

On the other side of the division series, I would love nothing more but to see the Yankees beat the Indians. However, I think the Indians simply match up better and I see the Indians coming away with the victory in this one.

National League Division Series

For the National League Division Series, I like the Washington Nationals to knock off the defending champion Chicago Cubs. I think starting pitching is SO important in the playoffs and the Nationals clearly have the better starting pitching.

On the other side of the division series, The Los Angeles Dodgers have for the most part looked like the best team in baseball. I see them easily dispatching the Diamondbacks. 

American League Championship Series

In the Championship Series, I have the Cleveland Indians playing the Houston Astros. I think both of these teams are excellent teams. The Indians, however, have the playoff experience that the Astros do not have as of yet. I believe that experience will pay off and as a result, I'm picking the Indians to take it home.

National League Championship Series

On the National League side, I have the Los Angeles Dodgers playing the Washington Nationals. I think this series will go the full 7 games. However, in the end, I see the Dodgers walking away with the victory.

World Series

Finally, in the World Series, I have the Cleveland Indians playing the Los Angeles Dodgers. I think this too will be a hard fought series. However, I think that the Indians finally end the drought and walk away as the World Series Champions!

So what are your thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Comment below!

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