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Welcome To Sports 4 Profit!


Welcome to Sports 4 Profit!

My name is Roosevelt Cooper and I am the founder and President of Sports 4 Profit! Sports 4 Profit is an educational and consulting company that teaches and consults sports fans who are interested in taking their hobby of sports and turning it into a profitable income stream.

In todays blog post I want to share with you the story behind this company and why I made the decision to start it.

To begin we go back to the year 1995.

It was my junior year in high school. I was the editor of the school newspaper. In homeroom I was Stephen A Smith long before the show First Take was ever born, relentlessly debating my classmates on all matters of sports. I was also a part of a computer training program.

Every day on my way to school I would buy two newspapers before getting on the bus to go to school. I would buy the New York Daily News and I would buy the New York Newsday. I would devour the sports sections of these papers. In particular there were three men whose articles I read first EVERY single day.

Mike Lupica in the Daily News...

Stephen A Smith in the Daily News...

And Rob Parker in Newsday.

These men were my heroes. Especially Stephen A Smith and Rob Parker because they were men that looked like me who came from the same neighborhoods as me and in the case of Parker actually graduated from the same school as me.

One day my school had career day. One of the special guest speakers was none other than Rob Parker!

I was fortunate enough to get a chance to meet him. Even more fortunate enough to have the opportunity to have him read one of my articles. He told me I was as good as he was when he was in high school and encouraged me to pursue a career in sports journalism.

In 1996 I graduated high school and moved on to college. I had a decision to make. I could pursue a degree in sports journalism. However I would have to take all of my major classes at my school's upstate New York campus. Or I could pursue a degree in Information Systems since I was very good at computers.

I made in hindsight one of the biggest mistakes in my life.

I declined sports journalism and went into information systems.

The reason why is because if I would have went for sports journalism I knew I would be starting out at a very low salary. I also knew that I probably wouldn't get to cover professional sports right away either.

Whereas with computers this was right during the middle of the dot com era. Computers were EXPLODING. It was so crazy I got a full time job my junior year in college paying more than what my classmates were getting after graduating with their 4 year degrees.

I made the ultimate mistake of chasing the MONEY instead of my PASSION. I continued to make that mistake for the next 12 years until eventually I found myself divorced and broke losing EVERYTHING.

I went from making $90,000 a year to having to start ALL over again working retail at $10 per hour!

However, all throughout this time one thing that never waned was my passion for sports. I continued to watch and follow my three favorite sports consistently. Baseball, basketball and football.

In college I was introduced to the concept of fantasy sports. With fantasy sports you got the opportunity to build a team of players and compete against other teams. In college it would be for purely bragging rights. However, once I entered the workforce I would join fantasy sports leagues where I could win a cash prize.

In fantasy sports you would always compete for an entire season and if you were playing for a prize you would win the prize at the end of the season.

Then in 2014 my entire world changed!

I started seeing these ads for two companies by the name of FanDuel and DraftKings. What these companies did was take the concept of season long fantasy sports and compress it to a single day. Instead of having to wait an entire season you could win that same night!

I signed up and created an account and I have been playing ever since.

I'm actually pretty good at it too.

I'm currently ranked in the top 35% of fantasy sports players in the world right now. This is DESPITE the fact that I couldn't play that much for 5 months because for 5 months my home state of New York didn't allow the games.

I will talk about that more tomorrow as it is a key component to the reason why I started this company.

However, let me conclude today's post with the final piece on passion.

I was introduced to a gentleman named Gary Vaynerchuk. He wrote a book called Crush It. He has built an entire business around teaching people how to turn their hobbies into profitable Internet businesses.

For a long time it would be almost impossible for someone to build a business around a hobby. The technology and market reach just wasn't there. However the Internet has changed that and today not only is a possible, people have already done it!

So that's the story behind why I started this company. I made the big mistake of chasing the money over my passion. If your passion is sports like mine, I want to help you avoid that mistake and show you how you can turn your hobby into a profitable income stream.

Just like I am currently doing.

Welcome to Sports 4 Profit!

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