Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Top 3 Strategies To Profit From Sports

I am excited to write this post today because now we can get down to the nitty gritty. You want to learn how you can profit financially as a sports fan? Today I am going to share with you three ways that you can do just that.

Fantasy Sports Player

The first way is as a player in fantasy sports. This is actually the way I have chosen to profit from sports. I like fantasy sports for a number of reasons.

1st, it allows me to get paid to do something I already do a lot of anyway and that is watch sports. As sports fans we have a pretty good idea who are good players and who are bad players. Fantasy sports allows us as sports fans to take that knowledge, apply in and if we are correct, earn cash from it.

2nd, I can do it anytime and anywhere for the most part. Fantasy sports is legal in over 40 states as of now. As long as I am in one of those states and I have access to my smartphone I can play.

3rd, fantasy sports allows me to build comradery and friendships. I play fantasy sports with current friends. I have also met a number of new friends. Some people I count as good friends today are people I met directly as a result of playing fantasy sports.

On this blog we will share with you strategies for how to profit from fantasy sports.

E-Sports Player

Fantasy sports is the hot thing right now. There is also room for plenty of growth. E-Sports is also just as hot and it is also the future.

What is E-Sports? E-Sports is a competition of video game players that compete against each other for prizes.

E-Sports is a half a billion dollar industry right now! It is also the NEW sport. You can watch E-Sports competitions on ESPN right now. You can EVEN play FANTASY E-SPORTS where you build a team of E-Sports competitors and compete against other teams.

On top of this, there is a developing E-Sport in the area of SPORTS related video games. Electronic Arts has announced a Madden NFL 17 tournament where you can compete for a MILLION DOLLAR prize! This is only going to grow from here.

There are at least 3 plays that I see in the E-Sports industry. They are as follows:

1. Become a player - As a E-Sports player you enter tournaments and compete against other players. Your goal is to place as high in these tournaments as possible. The higher you place the more money you make.

2. Become a coach/trainer - Another way you can profit is by teaching other people how to play the games. If you are good enough that people would want to learn from you then you can charge a fee to teach them. You could also develop a course or a book that teaches them and sell it.

3. Become a content producer and/or league producer - The first two strategies require that you be very good at the game yourself. This third strategy can work even if you aren't that good at the game. Here you develop a blog, podcast or online video show dedicated to the game. Or you can actually host your own E-Sports tournaments.

Start A Sports Blog, Podcast Or Video Show

Had I not gone into fantasy sports this is the strategy I would have personally employed. Do you love talking about sports? Do you love debating sports? Do you have an engaging personality? If so, this is the strategy for you.
TV shows, radio shows and articles about sports are all the rage these days. The top rated sports shows can get up to a million viewers on one episode. That doesn't even include replays, podcasts and so on.

While you might not ever get a million viewers, listeners or readers, the good news is you don't have to. If you are looking for a spare time or part time income you can build that with only a few dozen visitors per day. A full time income could be had with a few hundred visitors per day. You get to thousands per day? You may end up on ESPN yourself!

What makes this such an awesome opportunity? ESPN cannot make a show to attract everybody. They have to focus on shows that a large amount of people are going to watch. Otherwise they won't make enough to charge their advertisers and they will go out of business.

You however are small enough to do a show to attract smaller niches of people. Are you a Cincinnati Bengals fan? You can do a First Take debate show where ALL you talk about is the Bengals. Are you a fan of the light heavyweight division of UFC? You can do a show JUST about that. Middleweight boxing your thing? You can do a show about that. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

How do you make money from your show? You can make money by selling products and services. You can make money by charging for the show itself and only promote clips to the public. That's EXACTLY what The Young Turks political show does. Or you can make money by getting advertisers to sponsor your show.

These three strategies are my three favorite ways to turn your sports Fandom into a profit. However there are a LOT of other ways as well. I will be teaching you about those other ways in future blog posts. However, for now we are going to focus on these three ways.

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